WEB Development

Using LAMP Stack

by Kalpesh Panchal / WEB Developer / WEB Consultant

What is LAMP ?

  • L - Linux (OS) eg:RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS
  • A - Apache (Web Server)
  • M - MySQL (Database Server)
  • P - PHP / Python / Perl / PgSQL

Why we use it ?

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Open Source

More Secure

Low Costs

Great Performance

Highly Scalable

and many more...

So, What are we learning today?

  1. Setting up a LAMP development environment
  2. Object Oriented Programming with PHP
  3. Build a dynamic website
  4. Useful functions in PHP
  5. Database management using PMA (PhpMyAdmin)

Now let's do some programming..!

Few Resources

  • Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5 by Hasin Hayder
  • PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition) by Luke Welling & Laura Thomson


BY Kalpesh Panchal